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    Loïs Mailou Jones painting in her Paris studio in 1937 or 1938, with kitten supervising from her shoulder

    This is the kind of cat picture I’m here for

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    I dearly wish that people would view their bodies as they view flowers…

    Veins everywhere?



    Skin patches? Birthmarks?


    hella rad~

    Scars? Stretch marks?



    Freckles? Moles? Acne scars?


    heckie yeah~

    Large? Curvy?



    Small? Thin?



    Missing a few pieces?


    handsome as ever~

    Feel like you just look weird?


    you’re fantastic looking~

    I will never stop reblogging this

    This literally made me feel so much better about myself.

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    not to mention drinking hot drinks. steamy glasses will be the death of me

    Emptying a steamy dishwasher. Pouring out a hot pan of water. Rain. Sand. Random scratches that just appear in your vision.

    Below zero weather. Spontaneous naps. Long eye lashes. Roughhousing. Leaning your face against anything. Swimming. Everything.

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  4. Valuing life is not weakness. And disregarding it is not strength.

    Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Peña.

    September 23, 1959 - October 14, 2014

    This is definitely the role I remember her for most - I loved that character.

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    I’ve personally never really thought of making a masterpost (mostly since there’s already soo many good ones out there) but i haven’t really found many good calm/relaxing masterposts - with a sole purpose of reducing stress and just taking care of yourself. So I’ve decided to make this one in hopes of at least reducing a lil stress, and letting yourself forget about whatever is bothering you at the moment. Oh, and if anything should be added, or if you simply need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to message me. ^^

    Calming sounds/ambience 

    - Ambient mixer: this site let’s you listen to both ambiance and music, and allows you to make your own mixes if you’d like.

    - Naturesoundsfor.me: i thought this one was a bit interesting, again its customizable, and you can listen to what others have created. You can mix different nature sounds together and adjust each sound’s volume.

    - Noisli: while searching for really good ambient sites, i have to say i *really* love this one. It has a very simple design to it - click which sounds you want to hear and adjust how loud/quiet you’d like them to be. Along with that you can click the background for a random colour generator which slowly transitions into other colours.

    Instrumental/Calming Music 

    Studio Ghibli instrumental mixes: here’s a bunch of ghibli mixes, 
    Piano mix / Instrumental / Some more instrumental / Jazz (first album) / Jazz (second album) / Music box playlist / Another music box playlist / 

    - Other instrumental mixes (from movies): 
    Wolf Children mix / Animal crossing: original game - wild world/city folk - new leaf

    - A few more calming mixes (misc.): 
    Has an animal crossing feel to it / Perfect for falling asleep to / Another relaxing mix / A more jazzy mix / And one more

    Relaxing/feel-good Movies 

    As always, ghibli movies always tend to give a happy vibe (there’s some exceptions though, *cough* grave of the fireflies *cough*), here’s an entire masterpost for every film/short film produced / you can also search for them here and here.

    Other really good animated movies:
    Wolf Children (this movie is absolutely adorable and the soundtrack is so good - casual warning that it does get a bit sad at some moments) 
    5 cm Per Second (the animation is gorgeous, if you’re up for a romance movie def give this one a watch)
    Hotarubi no Mori e (oh no this movie, again it gets a bit sad, but is very cute)
    Children who chase lost voices (i still haven’t gotten the chance to watch this movie! however from what i’ve seen it looks good)
    Animal Crossing Movie (even if you haven’t played the game before just watch this i promise its so cute)
    Summer Wars (i love a really good slice of life/cute family dynamic, literally every char in this movie was adorable)

    Disney movies:
    Again, here’s an entire masterpost (includes both older and newer movies) / you can search for movies here.

    I’ve also found a couple channels that simply post videos of kitties/cute lil nature videos - here, here, and here.

    Cute sites/games 

    **Here’s another lil cute games masterpost - these are sooo adorable omg.
    And here’s one more cute games masterpost.

    the thoughts room - type out your worries and watch them fade away in to stars
    silk - use rotational symmetry and mirrors to create beautiful flame patterns
    thisissand - just click and hold to build scenes filling your screen out of colourful sand
    imagination - move your mouse around and watch light slowly fly in all directions
    neonflames - build your own nebula with pretty colours and effects
    tonematrix - a grid of squares on a pulse, draw to turn each block on and create music
    written? kitten! - as you write, be rewarded for your work with kittens!
    cute roulette - click to instantly receive an adorable animal video (there’s lots!)
    foster kitten cam - a 24 hour live stream of adorable fostered kittens. (updated each month)
    daily cute - fluffy, fuzzy, and all cute photos.
    screen cleaning - just click it, go on!
    (credit for these links goes to this post and the user who created it ^^)

    There *are* also a couple masterposts made that I find are helpful - including this one (full of more calming sites), this one, and this one.

    Remember as I said before, if you ever seriously feel the need to talk to someone don’t be afraid to message me. I hope this helps!

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    aw her little teeth grew in

    shes so precious 

    Awww lol , time flies

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  7. Best cereals.

    For whatever reason, I think about cereal a lot. Here are my top 5 in terms of awesomeness, enjoyment and deliciousness:

    5. Honeycombs

    Completely uneconomical given that the cereal is HUGE and takes up a LOT OF ROOM and the boxes are packed by weight so there is a lot of TRAPPED AIR so there are a total of, like, 19 in the box, but still so good.

    4. Alphabits

    So good. So soggy-resistant. So entertaining. It’s the alphabet in a bowl in DELICIOUSNESS FORM.

    3. Honey Smacks

    Delicious and wonderful but only when there is low humidity. Otherwise you get honey bricks.

    2. Honey Nut Cheerios

    When I was in my first trimester, I wanted Honey Nut Cheerios (and glazed donuts) and ONLY Honey Nut Cheerios. There was no other cereal for me. I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was my everything.

    1. Frosted Flakes

    Corn flakes with sugar. They resist the soggy, they stay crisp, and they are satisfying without making me feel ill from too much sugar. And there are usually a TON of them in the box.

    So? What are your top 5?

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    Omg I have one of these

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    has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

    This was perfect

    This. Is. Amazing.

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    What an inspiration

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